Carpet and Rug Cleaning Tips

A professional carpet and rug cleaning service will use eco-friendly solutions designed for fibers. These solutions combine enzymes and plant-based materials to remove soil and bacteria without damaging the fibers. You will save money and time by using a professional carpet cleaner instead of the typical home cleaning process. Regardless of the type of cleaning solution you choose, make sure you follow all manufacturer care instructions. If you are not sure how to clean a particular type of rug, seek help from a professional carpet and rug cleaning service. rug cleaning

Before you begin a carpet or rug cleaning job, it is important to test the solution on a hidden area of the rug first to avoid staining it. Ideally, you should consult the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Spot Solver for specific stains on synthetic rugs. Before applying the cleaner, you should remove any solids from the stain using a clean, white towel. You should avoid sponging the stain since it could pull out the fibers.

After you’ve done these tests, move on to the next step. Start by kicking back or lifting a corner of the rug. This can release a large cloud of dust. Rub your hand across the face of the rug to see if there are any deep-down stains. These stains will likely settle along the warp and weft. You can even see it in the backing of the rug. Once you have removed the visible stains, the next step is to treat the rug with a specialized product.

You don’t need to schedule a regular cleaning session with a professional. You should clean your rugs whenever they start to smell bad or appear dirty. To begin, vacuum the rug on both sides to remove any dirt and debris. If you have pets, use a brush attachment on your vacuum to pick up any hair from their fur. Afterwards, apply a rug shampoo, following the instructions on the bottle. A mild shampoo should do the trick.

Urine stains can be especially troublesome to remove from rugs. This is because urine contains a base that makes the dyes of an oriental rug run. To begin cleaning a urine stain, you should first absorb as much of the urine as you can. Use a towel or paper towel to absorb the liquid. If possible, use a weighted object to increase the absorption of urine. Do not let the cloth become soggy that it is no longer absorbent.

The most common way to clean a rug is to clean it thoroughly. If the rug is large and thick, you can wash it once every three years. Then, you can flip it over or rotate it to extend the time between washings. A professional rug cleaner will know how to do this in the most effective way possible. If you have a flatweave rug, washing it at least twice a year will prevent it from becoming stained or dirty.

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