Eventually the day will arrive when the dog will jump up on the table and knock over a full glass of red wine on your carpet. Treating the stain immediately is important, but the way you treat it is crucial. We’ve taken the time to explain the importance behind blotting when you have a spill to help you keep your carpets looking brand-new for years.

Carpeting is delicate, and can be ruined with vigorous scrubbing. Generally, people believe that scrubbing anything with a stain is a good idea, but this is a major don’t when it comes to carpet. When scrubbed too hard, the carpet fibers can tear or shred, and the stain can be pushed further into the carpet fibers. So, as a major rule of thumb, don’t scrub stains.

The most successful way to remove a stain while maintaining the quality of your carpet is blotting. By gently blotting up the stain with a clean, damp white cloth, you’re allowing the cloth to absorb the stain out of the carpet.

Some stains are tougher to remove by simply blotting, and require professional help. If you have a carpet stain that needs professional attention, contact a professional carpet cleaner in Fox River Grove, IL. The Wiz Team can help with any stubborn stains in your carpet, along with a variety of other carpeting needs. We specialize in a natural carpet cleaning technique this is safe for pets and children, and can make your carpets look new.

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