It’s been said that knowledge is power. Your flooring is a large part of your home, and you don’t want to entrust cleaning and care to just anyone. Find out about who you are hiring to care for your carpeting. Here are some great questions to ask your carpet cleaning company.

What is included in the service?

Before hiring someone for residential carpet cleaning, find out what is included in their service. Do they offer free estimates? Do they spot treat stains? What is their cleaning process, and how long will it take? Do they offer specials for cleaning the carpets in more than one room?

Does the quoted price include specialty treatments?

If you are interested in pet urine odor removal or carpet protection, inquire about these services. Most companies will add these onto a regular cleaning but may run specials on these treatments.

Should I move my furniture or will you?

You don’t want to suffer a broken back just because you’re having your carpets cleaned. Inquire what you are responsible for moving before your technician arrives. Most times you are asked to move only small items from the floor.

Do you offer natural carpet cleaning with low or neutral pH treatments?

You shouldn’t be afraid to lay down on your carpets. Choose a company that offers natural carpet cleaning that is green and eco-friendly.

Do you guarantee satisfaction? If so, for how long?

You don’t want your carpet cleaning company to disappear after cleaning your carpets. Unfortunately, some stubborn stains may require a second visit. Choose a company that will come back upon request.

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