Best Methods of Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are very delicate and require careful cleaning. They are typically made of wool, silk, or cotton and need to be treated with care during cleaning. Typically, the best methods of cleaning are by a professional company that uses special cleaning agents and modern equipment. Using the wrong type of cleaning solution can cause damage to the rugs. oriental rug cleaning near me

To clean oriental rugs, it is important to vacuum them on both sides. Use a wet/dry vacuum or towels to soak up any excess water. Most rugs trap dirt from daily walk-throughs, and a vacuum can remove a significant amount of debris. However, it’s not recommended to vacuum them too often, as this can loosen the fibers. Once every two weeks is a safe amount of vacuuming.

You can also clean your oriental rug with baking soda. It will lift out most of the dirt from your rugs if sprinkled on both sides. For stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Let the mixture sit for an hour before vacuuming. You can also shake the rug vigorously after cleaning to remove any loose dirt.

You should rotate your rugs at least once a year, depending on how much traffic they receive. Vacuuming is also essential to maintain their beautiful look and to prevent permanent stains. When vacuuming, make sure not to use beater bar vacuums, as they can damage fringe. Also, use a good quality rug pad. Spot cleaning is also easy and can be done with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Vacuuming should be done at least once every two weeks.

The best method of Oriental rug cleaning involves a deep clean that will remove dirt, dust, and pet odor. In addition to this, it will remove the most stubborn stains. For example, pet urine is difficult to remove because the crystals in the urine are deep inside your Oriental rug. Using enzyme cleaners will not reach these crystals. Therefore, the best way to clean pet urine from your rug is by cleaning through the fibers.

Another method of cleaning your oriental rug is dry cleaning. While this method works best if your rug has minor stains or dirt, dry cleaning may not be a good option if you are unsure of how deep the stains are. The only problem with dry cleaning is that the rugs will be slightly soiled. Unlike liquid cleaning, dry cleaning cannot remove deep messes.

While the cleaning process is fairly simple, there are several steps that are crucial to preventing stains. For example, if you accidentally spilled greasy food on your rug, you should avoid washing it in the same manner. Instead, you should use a white vinegar and warm water solution to remove the stains. You should also avoid using rough brushes for cleaning a rug.