Air Duct Cleaning – What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Professional

If you want your furnace to work more efficiently and save you money, it’s worth getting your air ducts cleaned. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of before hiring a professional air duct cleaning company. First, be aware of the price. Most air duct cleaning companies will charge you based on square footage or vent level, and they should list all of their services in their quote. Secondly, make sure you know what kind of cleaning method the company will use, as some are more effective than others. Carpet Cleaning Company

Air duct cleaning professionals use special vacuums and blowers to clean the ducts. These tools help remove dust and dander from the ducts. However, they should also scrub the ducts properly to ensure that all the dirt and dust are removed. The scrubbing process should not harm the integrity of the ductwork.

During the cleaning process, you must ensure that the ductwork is free from mold and mildew. Mold spores can be harmful to humans if they travel through the air ducts. The process of air duct cleaning can be costly and may cost up to $2,000, depending on the ducts and chemicals used.

As mentioned earlier, air duct cleaning can help improve the quality of indoor air. The process includes cleaning the supply and return air vents and may also include registers, grills, and fans. If you have a furnace, you may want to get it cleaned as well. In addition to enhancing the air quality in your home, air duct cleaning also improves the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Although not every home requires air duct cleaning, some homes are notorious for collecting dust and other contaminants inside.  In addition, water leaks or water damage may lead to mold growth inside the ductwork. If you suspect you have a mold infestation, air duct cleaning can help you remove the mold from the ductwork. You can also have a third-party test done to confirm that you have a mold problem. In such a case, you may need to hire a professional to get rid of the spores.

Cleaning the air ducts can help improve the quality of air in your home, as it removes bacteria and pollen that can irritate and even cause illness. It can also help improve the health of people who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. If you have any of these conditions, it is advisable to schedule regular air duct cleanings to keep your home smelling fresh and healthy.

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on how dirty the duct system is. The more difficult it is to access some areas of the air ducts, the higher the price. Depending on the location of the ducts, the size of the house, and the contractor you hire, air duct cleaning can cost anywhere from $285 to $485. Larger homes may need a more involved job, and you should always get an estimate before hiring a professional.

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