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The benefits of air duct cleaning are many, but you should also know the risks involved. In addition to airborne allergens and mold, dirty air can lead to respiratory issues, coughing, sneezing, and more. People with asthma and allergies are especially susceptible to the effects of dirty air. To avoid these problems, it’s important to have your ducts cleaned periodically. Wiz Team

Air ducts can hold millions of dirt particles. These particles can be deposited due to normal HVAC use, new construction, remodeling, and even water damage. Choosing a professional duct cleaning company is important to ensure that your ducts are clean and healthy. These companies are insured and licensed, and they have years of experience.

Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. It’s also important to ensure the quality of your indoor air, as dirty ducts can lead to pest infestation and bad odors. In addition, dirt can accumulate in air ducts, lowering air quality and putting stress on your HVAC system.

When choosing an air duct cleaning company, be sure to ask about their pricing. Prices will vary greatly depending on the size and number of vents in your system. In addition, some companies may charge by the hour or by the square footage of the system. You can also inquire about additional pricing factors, including whether your ducts have asbestos or are subject to pest infestations.

In addition to helping your indoor air quality, air duct cleaning can also improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. This means lower energy bills and reduced electricity bills. Find a certified duct cleaning service provider through an industry association. You should also consider duct cleaning as part of general home maintenance and should have your air ducts cleaned at least once a year.

Besides air duct cleaning, you should also check your air filters on a regular basis. It’s recommended to change air filters every two to three months if you want to keep contaminants out of your home. Make sure you regularly check your filters – if they’re new, you should change them every few months.

Getting your ducts cleaned can be expensive – a professional service can cost anywhere from $275 to $2,000, depending on the size of your home and number of vents. In addition to a thorough cleaning, you should also consult with an expert about your insurance coverage. If you’re concerned about your ducts being contaminated, consider hiring an exterminator to take care of the problem for you.

A professional air duct cleaning service provider may also recommend a chemical biocide that kills fungi and bacteria and helps prevent further biological growth. Some providers may also suggest sealing or encapsulating your ducts to reduce the risk of mold and other contaminants. However, it’s important to know the risks and benefits of using chemical biocides. Not only can they damage your heating and cooling system, they can also cause additional problems in your indoor air quality. In addition, they can increase your heating and cooling costs, forcing you to spend more money on repairs or replacements.

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