Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

If you have a home with a dirty air duct system, you might be interested in finding a professional who can provide air duct cleaning near me. There are a few things you should look for in a professional who performs this service. Ensure that the company will do a thorough inspection of the duct system before beginning work. An experienced contractor will take remote photographs before and after the cleaning process to document the results. A good company will produce a report detailing the work performed and may even use the information in future training sessions. Wiz Team

The dirt and dust in the air ducts can contribute to a variety of illnesses. People with respiratory problems, asthma, and allergies should seek out a professional who specializes in air duct cleaning near me to remove these allergens from the air. Mice can squeeze through tiny holes as small as a quarter of an inch. Besides chewing holes in ductwork, their droppings can also cause several other illnesses.

During the cleaning process, air ducts are cleaned to remove accumulated dust. The process uses compressed air and an agitation device to loosen caked on dirt. Chemical biocides are not necessary, but can be used if there is evidence of microbial growth. Before the cleaning process begins, ask the air duct cleaning service provider to provide you with a copy of their contract. This way, you’ll know exactly what your budget is and whether or not they use biocides.

If you notice signs of mold growth in the air ducts, it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned. The first symptom is a cough or a sneeze. Besides allergies, the odor can also be due to mold, and can make you feel fatigued and uncomfortable. You should also ask yourself if you can smell mold and a foul smell when your HVAC is on. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate.

The prices of air duct cleaning near me vary based on the type of air duct and the location. You can get a free quote online or contact a local office for more information. If you’re looking for a professional who does a thorough job, Stanley Steemer is a good choice. They employ HEPA equipment and compressed air flush to ensure that your air ducts are free of debris. The company is family-owned and has nearly 300 locations in 49 states.

While some people fear that air ducts are a health risk, there is still no evidence that this type of cleaning is harmful to human health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 30 feet of air ducts in the average home are inefficient. If a hole is made in the ductwork, airflow into the home will be reduced, and the cost of heating and cooling the home will increase.

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