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When it comes to the flooring of a home, certain styles are better than others. The type of family in the home, their level of activity, the presence of pets, and numerous other factors come into play when determining which type of flooring is best for a family. Check out the information below to find out why carpet is a great option for your family, as well as some tips on how to select the best type!

Why is carpet flooring the best option for my family?
Carpet flooring is a great option for many families because it is durable, comfortable, attractive, and low maintenance.

  • Thicker and heavier carpet has the great ability to add warmth and insulation in a home during cold winter days.
  • Carpet is a great option for families with young children as it provides a soft, slip resistant surface.
  • The amount of maintenance required with carpet flooring is far less than the amount required for hardwood floors. With carpet, there is no need to sweep dust, apply wax, or worry about scratched surfaces as with hardwood floors.

How do I know which type of carpet to choose for my home?
When shopping for carpet for your home, ensure you carefully consider the different types of carpet and each of their benefits. The basic types of carpet include:

  • Loop pile. This type of carpet is very durable and a great option for high-traffic areas of the home. Loop pile, or Berber, is great for the living room and children’s bedrooms.
  • Cut pile. This type of carpet offers a more luxurious appearance and feeling. Cut pile carpet is a great option for the living room and master bedroom as it provides ultimate comfort.
  • Frieze. This type of carpet is made of lightly twisted fibers that provide a soft, plush feel and a shaggy appearance. Frieze carpet is great for the family room and other popular rooms of the home.

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