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How to Care for your Wool Carpet – Gurnee, IL

Carpets first came about as a necessity for insulation and warmth. Thousands of years ago, the first wool carpets were born when someone had the idea that sheep’s wool could be weaved into a floor covering.

Wool carpets are still very popular today. Although wool is the most expensive type of carpeting, it provides warmth, beauty, style and durability. You must take care of your wool carpets and area rugs if you want them to last.

Preventative steps

As with any carpet, the better you care for it, the longer it will last. In particular with wool, this means keeping any unnecessary dirt, debris or harmful substances off your carpet or rug. Be sure to use throw rugs or doormats to wipe dirt off shoes before entering the home. You can also prevent dirt buildup with regular vacuuming.

Carpet padding

A pad under your carpet adds better resilience and can add years of life to your carpeting.

Carpet protection

When moving furniture on your wool carpeting or rug, make sure you use some protection against tears or heavy wear. You can use roller pads to move furniture or put down a protective barrier of heavy cardboard when moving an unusually heavy piece of furniture. Another thing to protect your carpeting from is sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade areas of carpeting, so be sure to close blinds on particularly sunny days.

Professional cleaning

Regular cleanings by a carpet care professional can help extend the life of your carpeting.

At Wiz Team, Inc., our trained technicians can help clean and care for your wool carpeting and area rugs. We can provide you with carpet cleaning tips to help you care for your carpets in between cleanings.


Carpet Cleaning- Lake Forest IL

Cleaning and Maintaining the Quality of a Carpet – Barrington, IL

Carpeting is a big home investment. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also makes a style statement in any room. No one wants to have to replace carpeting before its time. For residents of Barrington, IL; can cleaning your carpeting on a regular basis help maintain its quality and extend its life? We think so!

1. Help eliminate trapped pollutants

Indoor pollutants can get trapped in your carpeting. These include air pollutants, allergens, lead, insects, and anything else we drag into the house with our feet. If left to sit in your carpet, these pollutants can become toxic and not only contaminate the air in your home but also eat away at certain types of carpeting.

2. Help prevent mold

Inevitably your carpeting will get wet, be it from a leak, flood, sloppy boots, or a spilled glass of wine. Especially in areas with high humidity, carpets are at risk of developing mold and deteriorating in quality. A professional carpet cleaner can clean your carpet and make sure it dries properly to eliminate the mold.

3. Help to revive carpet fibers

Carpeting in high-traffic areas can easily become worn down and its fibers broken. With regular vacuuming and professional cleaning, you can help to revive your carpet fibers and bring them back to life.

Are you ready for a professional residential carpet cleaning treatment? Take care of your investment and have your carpeting professionally cleaned. The Wiz Team uses a natural carpet cleaning process that is safe for pets and kids.

We also offer area rug cleaning. During our free-estimate visit, our technician will assess what is best for your carpeting as well as give you carpet-care tips to help maintain the quality of your carpeting.

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