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Are you looking for the best tips on how to care for your area rugs? Would you like to restore your oriental rug to look just like it’s brand new? Check out The Wiz Team‘s best tips on rug care below!

Prevent everyday wear and tear from ruining your rugs.
Rugs trap dirt and mud from tracking in and all over your clean carpeting, which is why many homeowners rely on them by placing them near all the entrances of their home. If you place welcome mats and/or rugs near the entrances of your home, be sure to treat them with care to prevent them from deteriorating over time. Keep your rugs in excellent condition with frequent vacuuming to prevent the buildup of dirt and allergens. Also, if you notice any stains or foreign substances residing on your rugs, act immediately to prevent the stains from sinking in deep.

Remove dirt and stains immediately to prevent long-term damage.
When you notice a stain or dirt on your rug, act quickly for best chances of removal. The longer a stain sits on the surface, the more difficult it becomes to treat. Starting from the edges of the stain, blot the surface with a clean towel, and be careful not to scrub or irritate the surface. Don’t soak the stain with water in attempts of diluting the stain from the surface; thorough stain removal treatment takes time and patience.

Protect your Oriental rug or area rug investment for many years to come.
We use a special machine to dust both sides of your rug and then massage it to remove any dry soils. We test all rugs for colorfastness before starting any cleaning process and determine which cleaning method will be right for your rug. After the rug has completely dried, we vacuum and perform our final inspection to make sure it looks better than ever. We also apply a unique carpet protection treatment to your rug to help prevent damage from any future stains.

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